Translating Governmental documents can be a tricky business but you don’t have to worry about it. Our native professionals have mastered the art of translating legal documents from any language, to any language. Our team understands the risks and expectations associated with such translations which is why we only work with the most qualified, experienced and industry specific translators.
You can expect all your translations to be culturally relevant, professional, and accurate and delivered in time. We translate administrative subpoena, advance healthcare directive, affidavits, air waybills, allocation questionnaires, amendments and amicus curiae.

Immigration and other government-related translations

Immigration And Other Government-Related Translations

Translations of this nature have different requirement in different countries as they need to be translated in accordance with the regulations and procedures. Language service providers such as CCK is one of the best option for individuals seeking immigration since our experiences team of project managers and translators are well versed in such projects which is why you can be assured of high quality, accurate and precise translations.

Individuals who require our assistance usually require green cards, birth certificates and other governmental and immigration documents.

Legal Translations

CCJK provides well rounded set of legal translation solutions. We make sure that you only work with experienced and accredited translators who have the ability to exquisitely convert you legal content while having a complete understanding of the legal sector.
While our language professionals work with all legal and regulatory document, patents, manuscripts, certificates, degrees and claims. We provide comprehensive end to end solutions for all legal documents. At CCJK we ensure that multilingual communication during legal interaction is not an inconvenience. We will make this process as smooth as possible for you.

legal translations

Quality Control System

Customer Care is Our Secret Mantra

Strict TEP Process

We adhere to a TEP(Translation, editing and proofreading) process. Your documents will be edited and proofread. If you have any concerns our customer care team is vailable for you 24/7.


Each project is assigned a project manager who ensures that all your queries are answered. They constantly stay in touch with the client and the translator to make the whole process seamless.

ISO 9001-2008

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We follow all the quality management guidelines in order to endure world class quality for all our clients.

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